Braintree 3D Secure 2.0 SCA(Strong Customer Authentication) Implementation demo example

Braintree PHP v3.40.0

Braintree Sandbox Javascript v3

Dropin UI integration

3D Secure 2.0 implementation (SCA complaint)

Demo link –


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  • 01/2020

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  • 01/2020

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  • 01/2020


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Rename git branch locally and remotely

Sometimes by mistake we have a situation to rename the remote and local git branch name. Below steps will help to do same –

1. Rename your local branch.

2. Delete the old-name remote branch and push the new-name local branch.

3. Reset the upstream branch for the new-name local branch.

Switch to the branch and then:


WHMCS Stripe Checkout Plugin



Stripe checkout is the easiest payment flow on web and mobile.

Product features :

  • Account Registration :

    Click “Remember me” to securely store your credit card info for faster checkout on this and other sites that use Stripe.

  • One-Click Payments

    On this computer, when you come back to any participating site, your credit card info will already be filled in: just click Payto confirm your purchase.

    You can edit the card number if you need to. Stripe will store the one you used most recently.en_step2

  • Authentication

    Your credit card is linked to your email address and your mobile phone number.

    To pay with Stripe on a different computer, or after you log out, just enter your email address during checkout and Stripe will instantly send you a text message to verify your identity.

    Message and data rates may apply. Frequency of messages depends on user. For help, reply back with HELP. To stop, reply back with STOP.en_step3

  • Easy to install :

Stripe checkout plugin is very easy to install with your existing WHMCS plugin.

Screenshots :


Price : € 10 only

Drop a comment below, if you are interested for demo.

Python programming basics learning



If you are looking forword to learn basics of python programming, then you definitely like my below post. its quite simple and easy for those who have minimal programing knowledge.

How setup python on your local system and run it?

Basic programming syntax and code snippets